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From your first contact with us, until long after you have welcomed a child into your heart and home, Together for Adoption will ensure that you receive all the support you need at every stage of the adoption process.

Right from the start, you will have a named social worker who will stay in close contact with you. You may also find it useful to come along to one of our support groups or social events and meet other people experiencing the adoption process.

In many cases we can provide financial support with one-off expenses like car seats or bedroom furniture and sometimes on-going financial support where a child with complex needs or a sibling group is adopted. 

We fully understand the ups and downs of adoption, the times when you may be feeling anxious or need help facing up to challenges. Even when you have legally adopted your child, we're here for you months and even years down the line. 

If you have any worries, concerns or questions, we’re just a phone call away.

  • See our resources page to find useful information for pre-approved and post-approved adopters.

Our support

  • Pre and post approval training
  • Tailored training courses specific to the needs of the adopter and the adopted child
  • Financial support in some cases
  • Settling-in grant of £250 per child and reimbursement of court application fees
  • A Life Story Book for the adoptive child and adoptive family
  • Social activities for adopters and adopted children.


Workshop types
Pre-approvalPost approval
Adoption support workshop Social networking issues
Attachment and brain development Talking to your child about adoption
Drugs and alcohol Introductions to Theraplay

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF)

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) has been established to help families’ access therapeutic support more easily following adoption.

The fund will enable them to pay for services such as play therapy and family support sessions, which will help adoptive families’ understand and work through their children’s difficult start in life, improving relationships and promoting a positive family life.

Without this type of support children can struggle to settle into their new homes, which can create difficulties at particular stages in their lives, such as adolescence. Together for Adoption will assess each child and family’s needs allowing them to make applications to the fund if required.